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How to Generate Interesting Topic Ideas forCollege Essays

buy shares Writing an essay can pose an uphill task for many college students. The dread does not lie so much in the writing of the essay itself, as in the struggle involved in zeroing in on a suitable topic. You find college students agonizing over selection of the right topic. There are some students who just go and sit in front of their computers and immediately start typing stuff, with the ideas pouring in as if from nowhere. Not all of us are so fortunate to have a brain like that, however.

Asking Questions

You might wonder how one does this. You could start by browsing through your textbooks for the semester and going through some of the questions or notes on the book to generate topics. Alternatively, you can just down with a piece of paper and pencil and start asking questions on the ideas that were presented to you in class. It makes no difference whether the questions are major or minor ones; the crux of the matter is that the questions should make you think from different angles. It should have the potential to initiate a discussion. Put yourself in the place of a scientist and begin asking questions. Asking broad or generalized questions don’t always work, as focusing becomes difficult. In this case, you can go through your class notes and ask questions, as class lectures would be more focused on specific topics and can lead to interesting questions and answers that are somehow more contained.

Brainstorming Strategies

short term trading “Brainstorming” may sound difficult, but it is nothing more than picking up ideas from your own thoughts and knowledge or accessing the topic through a hidden insight. The topics can then be used to produce a masterpiece of a college essay. Once the initial idea has crossed in your mind, you can use citations and wordings of other authors, but the concept needs to be original. You can just jot down words, phrases and abbreviations as they occur to you. This is not the time to give shape to the writing, but just to put down main points related to a topic with the prime goal being to generate as many ideas for topic as possible. If you are still stuck coming up with an interesting essay idea, visit this website for a list of top 100 research paper topics.

Try to take a moment and completely empty the ideas in your brain while asking yourself questions, such as why, how and where something has occurred. Also, consider contrasts and comparisons. If you are a habitual reader, unique and interesting ideas will easily strike you, as they have been stored in your mind at some point. Such ideas can be related to quotes or opinions as well as facts reported in a newspaper or a journal. You can then analyze these topics and organize them to clinch the most interesting one.