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Illiteracy is the state of lacking knowledge about an individual subject and the inabilities to read and write. It has been associated with the individuals who are not able to manage their daily living and when employed they are unable to perform tasks that require skills in reading. There are many methods that can be used to determine if someone is illiterate or not, many employers try to hire workers that can read and write in order for them to make more money for them than their personal wages.

Causes of illiteracy

Illiteracy in individuals comes from different causes that seem to be interrelated which together they amount to barriers to the involved persons. From the intergenerational illiteracy transmission, a person may be unlucky to be born from parents who barely got any schooling this will lead to the born child having difficulties in learning. An individual who is not exposed to books and does not see the need for learning or reading is likely to become an illiterate person. Poverty has been linked to illiteracy as both a causing agent and also as the result of illiterate. Poverty results in poor living conditions that make it difficult for an individual to gain any formal learning. Another cause of illiteracy is the learning disabilities in the form of one suffering from dysorthographia and dyslexia.

Consequences of illiteracy

The effects of illiteracy are a lot and are unbearable in several perspectives. Illiteracy affects individuals in their daily operations that it puts their future in jeopardy and also has an effect on the society. Illiteracy makes an individual be limited in his or her quest to understand and obtain essential information. For any person who cannot understand valuable information his/her chances of being unemployed are very high, this will associate the illiterate with low income. Illiteracy makes an individual to be sideline or be given little value by the family in education the result to that the individual will experience low self-esteem and feel isolated. Illiteracy has an enormous impact on the health since most illiterate persons are usually subjected to workplace accidents and also their recovery takes longer duration because of their ignorance of health facilities and the inabilities to follow instructions and warning. To societies with higher level of illiteracy, they will be slow growth rate of their long-term GDP, the civic society participation and community involvement will be lower and the society will not be fully be involved in the economic growth of their states.