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Searching for a Research Paper Conclusion Example

Learning by example can be the best learning method or tool available to people and students. When writing the conclusion of your research paper, reading other conclusions can be a amazing way to get a feel for what is expect of you. The conclusion is your opportunity to wrap up the loose ends of your paper, and make any final points you would like to make. New information should never be presented in the conclusion. Here are some places your can search for conclusion examples:

Campus Resources

Exploring your campus or school will definitely result in plenty of tools to assist in writing your conclusion. In order to find conclusion examples, you should consult instructors, peers, tutoring services and the library for help.

  • Instructors:
  • The first person you should consult when looking for help with your conclusion is your instructor. Your instructor will have the best insight and help for you—since they have the greatest understanding of your assignment and what is expected of your performance. Often professors or teachers have examples that they are willing to share with you. Visit your instructor first to see if they have an conclusion samples for you to reference.

  • Peers:
  • After visiting your instructor, if you still need help finding conclusion examples, your peers can be incredibly helpful. Your peers may have already graded conclusions that you can use for reference. By building a network of assistance with your peers, you develop a system of contacts that can help you in your courses. This relationship can be mutually beneficial for both you and your peer(s).

  • Tutoring Services:
  • Your campus’s library or writing lab usually has writing services to assist you and your fellow students. Visit the help desk to find out what kind of access you may have to paper that have already been written. Some schools keep archives of papers in order to use as learning and teaching resources.

  • Library:
  • Also, a tutor can always help you with your conclusion. When searching for a tutor, explain that it is important that you are able to access writing samples. If you search for the right tutor, you should be able to locate one who can provide conclusion and other writing samples for your learning purposes.

Internet Examples

After searching campus you should have a good idea of what your conclusion should or should not look like or what it should or should not contain, but sometimes we need a little extra help. The Internet is the next best place to search. A simple search engine will turn up plenty of writing examples. Just be sure these writing samples come from credible sources!