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Child Labor

Child labour is a broadly defined term with different definitions from different viewpoints of international forums. All definitions come to a centered meaning of the deprivation of children their childhood either socially, mentally, physically or morally. They are the exploitive practices that are harmful to children. It is also worth noting that not all work done by children is child labor depending on their age, working conditions and its effects socially and on their education. There is also an historical variation in how child labor was employed over the times for instance in the colonies of European powers before 1940.Children in the 5-14 years worked in the agriculture, factories, mining and in heavy domestic activities. Although child labor practices have reduced by around a third as reported by the United Nations children’s fund, it still prevails with sub Saharan countries leading in the count. This is majorly because of the deep rooted poverty and poor or no schooling opportunities.

Causes of child labor

Child labor still continues to stand on the way of development of a better child even amidst the laws and regulative standards to eliminate it.

Poverty stands as the biggest cause of child labor according to statistics. Poor parents end up taking their children to work rather than school. Children are forced to their parents or for them work with so that they can be able to meet their necessities. This may be a consequence of low employment in the affected nations.

Limited access to education due to its cost or because of the remote nature of the area can also be a contributory factor. The parents may find out that the education is relevant and therefore prefer having their children work to them being in school for no benefit. Others may be violation of laws, improper reinforcement of the laws.

Various aspects of child labor

There are adverse forms of child labor like commercial sexual exploitation, engagement in drug trafficking and armed conflicts as slaves. Child labor devastates many children in the informal sector of the economy where child work receiving no payment, with food and only a place to sleep. There also no medication guaranteed if they fall sick and no place to report mistreatments by their employers. Agriculture is reportedly the biggest sector where child labor is witnessed across the universe.

Exploitation of children can be reduced if keen measures such as educating parents on the importance of children to them and their nations. This is useful to a great measure.