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Time Traveling

Time travel is basically moving between various points in a given time. It is a very common subject of science fiction for a number of decades now. Different franchises have seen man get into a journey of some kind and getting to the future or the past with anticipation to take on new responsibilities. All the same, the reality is that, the issue is very much mixed up. Not every scientist has the belief that time travel is that possible. Some even allege that an effort would be catastrophic for any person to choose to engage such a tendency.

So, what is time? As many people ponder over time as a constant, one Albert Einstein known for his contribution in physics was able to show that time is basically an illusion. He further reiterated that time is relative and can vary for a number of observers based on their speed through the space. According to Einstein, time can be defined as the fourth facet. Space us defined as a three-dimensional arena providing a traveler with some coordinates of height, width and length important for giving locations. Time offers a different coordinate and hence a direction even though traditionally, it merely moves forward. On the contrary some people employ a new theory stating that time is indeed real.

All the way from the skipping of millennium to hopping teenagers, the use of time travel has been to send out a message about human most fantastic visions concerning the meaning of moving through what is commonly known as the fourth dimension. But definitely, a time machine is not needed or some fancy wormhole needed to jaunt all through the period in years. Everybody has engaged in the act of time travel. At its most fundamental level, time is taken as the rate of change as experienced in the universe. We are all going through some change. Man ages, the planets around us revolve around the sun and things get to fall apart.

Time travelling is therefore a certain dimension of measurement. We assess the passage of time in terms of seconds, minutes to hours and in other ways of counting moments that have lapsed. Well, that does not mean that time continues to flow at a rate that is constant. The same manner in which river water passes through the channel based on the size. Time still flows at various rates in various locations. Basically, time is relative.