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Legalization of Prostitution From a Taxation Perspective - Good Essay Sample

Prostitution concerns began showing up due to the rise in health risks such as sexually transmitted diseases, insecurity of both sex workers and their clients as well as the rising statistics of children trafficked and forced into the same. It is widely acceptable that rendering prostitution illegal has yielded little or no positive outcomes causing many governments that initially illegalized it to shift their standing.

It is imperative to note that prostitution pays a lot and therefore collecting taxes from it would be a great benefit to the government. Countries that are already collecting taxes from prostitutes face little threat of budget deficit since these prostitutes serve a wide range of customers from all the social classes. These taxes could come in form of licensing as well as daily collections as currently practiced in Germany.

Taxation of legalized prostitution means that the government accepts to protect and provide services to the prostitutes. It means that prostitutes are entitled to rights for example security instead of crackdown by state organs, have access to safety measures and the industry is rendered open to regulation. This helps in cutting down the national budget that would have been spent on health related issues as well as on state organs like the police and the courts in a bid to combat the same.

Taxation also means that the prostitutes are free to come up with trade unions in order to secure collective bargains with employers. As is known, many sex workers are taken advantage of since they act as individuals. The union would help push for safety measures to be taken by the government as well as the brothels, better working conditions and help deal with forced child prostitution. Legalization of prostitution with taxation is more reasonable than trying to battle illegal prostitution altogether.