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Anti-Death Penalty Essay Writing Tips

The death penalty continues to be one of the most common argumentative essay topics to write.  The key to creating a good essay includes presenting unique information with solid evidence.  The subject can be a challenge to tackle since there are so many different angles it can be approached.  This may actually be an advantage if you research these areas closely and see how they can work in your favor. Reading sample essays on the subject, understanding state laws and even looking into the emotional toll it has on families can all present useful information to include in your essay.  Aside from reviewing topics, there are other actions to consider that can help you during the process.

  • Review different arguments the death penalty presents.  This can be in the form of general statements to commonly asked questions that lead to another argument.  Can God really be the only one to judge others?  Is it right for a person to take another person’s life?  Why do people always gather outside of the correctional facility when someone is sentenced to death?  Should a person die by lethal injection or the chair?
  • Gather good information.  Not only does this help proof your point, you want to provide an essay that offers an in-depth look on the subject from your chosen point of view. Try to present a common argument from another perspective.  Use reputable sources such as government and educational institution websites.  Make sure your facts support your argument.  This aspect can be challenging if your resources don’t offer supporting facts. 
  • Try not to be offensive.  People are entitled to have their own opinion, but this subject is known for being a sensitive topic due to the matter in taking a human life. While writing your essay be cautious of the words you use.  Be respectful of opinions without name-calling.
  • Once you choose a good topic, conduct thorough research and create your outline.  Details that you will include in your essay can be organized into structured paragraphs.  Make your introduction catchy and thought-provoking.  Your conclusion should summarize main ideas related to your research.
  • Proofread, edit and get feedback from others.  Feedback and comments from friends and family may give tips on how to improve it.  Taking time to check for grammar and spelling errors gives your paper a good look; such details also help your argument standout.