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Art Critique Essays - Where To Find Inspiration?

In order to write an art critique essay you will have to observe and interpret the image and concept you see. As the person looking at the piece, you will first need to identify the different symbols and themes that are associated with the image. Each person admiring art will have a different perception of what the piece implies. In order to write an inspirational essay you must appreciate the work that you are looking at. This will help you find a relationship and write about the author and their work. It's up to you to identify with an expressive piece that speaks to you in an emotional and intellectual way. Art represents social values, indifference toward others and experience. By finding one that sparks your interest, you can also find motivation in writing an essay that stands out.

Learn how to Identify and Describe

It's extremely important that you study the work carefully by acknowledging shapes, brush strokes, colors, blending and what concept the artist has used. Before you can elaborate on the piece in writing you'll benefit from articulating the images and doing so with others who may have an opposing point of view. Did you have a certain experience as you were looking at the piece? Did it bring up any emotions? If there is a range of colors that stands out to you and it relates to the concept, describe it throughout the body paragraphs. By outlining what speaks to you the most, you will find inspiration while writing the essay.

Use a Body Paragraph for Analyzing

After identifying the art you will have to analyze it by studying the visual qualities, such as whether or not the lines are symmetrical. If there are some shapes that are more dominant you'll want to note this in the paper. If there are any implications that you have discovered, make it a point to talk about it throughout the essay. Analyze the piece carefully. What thoughts came to mind when you saw it for the first time? If the thoughts bring up emotional reactions, it should be included in your essay. Be careful as you are looking at the qualities of the art and study how the artist arranged visual and implied concepts.

Interpretation and Structure

The most important part of an art critique essay is interpreting what you see and feel. The contemplations that come to mind are a part of your interpretation. You have the freedom to identify what you feel the artist is saying. As you are interpreting the work try to push past any predispositions as they can change the message that the artist is trying to convey. Do not include any biased responses in the essay either. Remember that the structure is going to be formatted like any other – with an introduction, a minimum of three body paragraphs and a conclusion. What format you use will vary depending on what your instructor prefers but you are likely to use either APA or MLA format. APA is commonly used in art and psychology classes.