Essay and research paper topics & ideas

Never use these history research paper topics

Some topics are trouble. This is not a view, this is a fact. There are a number of reasons this is so, and in school these should be avoided. If it will bring out a negative view towards you, avoid it. If it will alienate you from your class and/or instructor, avoid it. Yes controversial topics need to be covered, but do that outside of school, never in school.

  1. Controversial topics
  2. Same sex marriage
  3. Stereotyping
  4. If “A” had happened, then “B” would not have
  5. Alter Reality
  • Controversial topics
  • Yes there are some controversial topics you can cover, but be careful on them. It is too easy to turn your instructor against you for turning in a paper that is controversial. Granted this is different with each instructor, and you need to know for sure what you can do. Even with that said, doing to many of them throughout the semester can get you looked at badly. Doing some shows you are not afraid to step out of the box, and take chances. That will look good, but be careful when doing this.

  • Same sex marriage
  • Same sex marriage is a touchy topic. No matter which side you are on, you are going to step on someone’s feelings. Looking back at the history of this lifestyle can bring up unwanted issues. Leave it to those in the actual workforce. In fact the best way to do this is only if asked by the instructor.

  • Stereotyping
  • Stereotyping is a major negative. Never under any circumstance stereotype any group. Even if you have a large group following one leader, there are many reasons that involve each person differently. Any good History Professor will automatically fail a paper that stereotypes. This is one thing that no instructor will accept, and that is correctly so. A stereotype is a lie, so that is how they will look at your paper.

  • If “A” had happened, then “B” would not have
  • Never make assumptions. To say that is “A” had not happened, “B” would have. That is speculation and there is not foundation to back you up. Is it possible that “B” would have happened? Yes, but then “C”, “D”, and “E” could just as likely happened. In some fields of science where you can accurately measure responses, yes you can say that. History is not one of them.

  • Alter Reality
  • Do not alter reality. In history write your paper on what happened, not what could have happened. That is good for a literary class, but not a History class. History deal with facts, not speculation.