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How to Make Up a Science Research Paper Topic

If you have been assigned a research project, you can usually make your choice on the topic. At times, the professor provides the students with a list of topics and they can select from the selection of those. But this is not always the case and you might need to come up with an interesting topic on your own. Additionally, you will have to pick a topic that has reasonable amount of available sources and can also be completed within the available time frame. Below you’ll find a few suggestions for coming up with interesting science research paper topics.

  • Making a List
  • Try to make a list of all the science topics that interest you. Think of ideas that can be expanded into a full length paper. If you are unable to think of any topic offhand, why not browse for topics online or go to the library?However, this is not the time for random reading about interesting information on the topic and there is no need to read an entire article or book. All you need to read is some abstracts while looking for general topic information. After you have selected a few topics, discover whether there is enough information about them in the sources and make sure that you can find enough information for the topic you end up choosing.

    While reading the topic material, find out whether you are able to understand the subject matter or if it seems to go over your level or requires too much specific knowledge. If the topic is too difficult, move on to the next one.

  • Looking for Controversies
  • If you are satisfied on the above counts, you can then analyze whether there is any controversy, debates or disagreements surrounding the topic and any unanswered questions related to it. If everyone is in total agreement and there is not much controversy, you will not be able to write a science research paper on such a topic. This is because you will only be repeating the facts that have already been stated. Try to focus on the disagreements or confusions regarding a topic. Try to take a stand on the research topic, by agreeing or disagreeing with it, or even taking a partial attitude. This does not need to be a fixed stance and you can change your stand in the course of actually writing the paper.

  • Specific vs. General
  • While trying to cook up science research paper topics, it is advisable to take advantage of topics that are a little specific in their nature, rather than a very broad topic. Broad topics tend to be a little overwhelming and you may not be able to tackle it completely or comprehensively.