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The Holocaust

The Holocaust was one of the most tragic and horrific portions of World War II. This was the killing of people because of their faith, looks, and beliefs in Germany and other European countries. The Holocaust was lead by the chancellor of Germany, Adolf Hitler. This movement was targeting specifically people of the Jewish faith, and people who were caught hiding Jewish people from the government. The terror that the people of the Jewish faith faced because of the holocaust caused long and lasting effects on the religion and the people as a whole. There were people who were captured and taken away from their families, and if they were not murdered then they were tortured and abused.

During the Holocaust there were over 40,000 camps that were created exclusively for the use to torture and kill people of Jewish descent. The people who practiced Judaism were sometimes placed in holding cells where they were beaten, shot, brutalized, and then gassed to death with deadly chemicals. It was among the most horrific scenes in history to this day. There are over ten million confirmed and documented deaths of the people that were held against their will in the concentration camps across Germany. It was not only the people of Jewish ancestry that were targeted, anyone who was caught hiding or harboring Jewish people was also a target. There were routine inspections of homes in Germany that were believed to be the hiding place of the Jewish people. If Jewish people were found hiding in the home of the person then the family hiding and harboring the Jewish people were killed on the premises, and the Jewish people were removed and taken to a concentration camp. This went on for a long time in Germany and surrounding countries. German Nazi soldiers even invaded other countries against their will and began to murder their Jewish residents. It was a terrifying time to live in and it took the involvement of other militaries including the American military to put an end to the atrocities that were being forced on a group of people.

In the early to mid 1900’s the Holocaust became one of the most horrific portions of any war in history. While there were other groups of people who were targeted, the Jewish people were the focus of most of the brutality of the Nazi soldiers. The soldiers were ordered to capture, torture, and kill anyone of Jewish faith or who even looked like a Jewish person.