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Nursing Workforce

Nursing workforce is important in helping nurses practice codes of ethics. People pose different personalities. This difference if reflected in the workplace the outcomes can be either positive or negative. In the workplace, people are expected to portray professionalism as their overall personality which clients of nursing workforce partners are supposed to see. From a nursing point of view, sometimes breaking the rules leads to delivering quality care to patients.

The right to self determination is should be a consideration for all nurses while offering healthcare services. Patients have moral and legal right to request and decide what treatment they will undergo. If a patient request a different treatment method which is against your house rules, sometimes it is important as a nurse to consider choosing the better option for your patient and satisfy them. However, it is the role of every nursing workforce is to understand every personality of their employees simply because it is important. Personality of a worker affects the behavior and performance of any nursing workforce in the job market. Looking at the attitude and personalities people have in the workplace, their differences and characteristics are reflected in how a nursing workforce performs.

This is in reference with the code of ethics for nurses around the world. In the nursing, or any other healthcare department, cooperation with the public whom you share a similar goal is vital in delivering quality healthcare. Cooperation requires mutual trust and respect among healthcare experts in delivering quality healthcare to the public. As a nurse or a doctor, choices and decision making are part of your career. If your decision involves saving one's life, then you would rather break the house rules to go that further step in assisting one to save their life. Practicing healthcare service delivery without license is illegal in many countries of the world but this does not limit doctors and nurses from delivering healthcare services. For example, before being involved in any abortion process, it is also important to consider including the wishes of other family members of your patient. This is to help avoid bringing conflict in the family because of a decision made by you as a nurse. This is because the decision you make while at your work shapes your future similar to the way nurse decision shapes his future. The cultural beliefs and norms also influence how the patients comply with the nursing care instructions and healthcare promotions. The clash of the cultural beliefs with nursing prescriptions has a negative effect on compliance of such medication.