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English Homework Worksheets – I Need Help

Having trouble with an especially tricky English homework assignment? Don’t worry, there are many places you can turn to for help! There are numerous services both online and in-person that can provide guidance, additional instruction, tutoring, or hints for completing your assignments. Below are some options for you to consider.

Private Tutoring Centers

Every major metropolitan area has at least one large private tutoring center that provides homework assistance in return for an hourly rate. A quick online search should uncover these locations, which are typically in storefronts in population dense areas. These services are useful because they provide personally tailored, specific guidance on your own terms, during normal business hours. The tutors at these facilities are professionals who work only in the field of one-on-one instruction, and will be happy to help you figure your homework assignments out. The only down side to such services is the hourly expense, which may be a bit steep for some.

Public Tutoring Centers

If you cannot afford a private tutor or cannot find a good service in your area, there is probably a public center at your school, university, or library. These centers may be free or may function at a reduced rate; however, their hours of operation may be limited. Typically, these facilities help students complete their homework on a walk-in basis, and can devote one or two hours of focused help per session. If you are uncertain where to look for such help, ask your librarian or instructor, or do an online search.

Office Hours

Your instructor should also be available to offer you some assistance with your homework. Check your course syllabus to see when your teacher’s office hours are, or shoot them an email asking to schedule an individualized meeting. During this period, show up to your teacher’s office with a copy of your homework (try to tackle the assignment beforehand). If you come armed with specific questions, your instructor will have an easier time helping you out and providing hints. This assistance has many advantages: it is specific to your class, you may get a useful hint, and it’s completely free. The only disadvantage is that your instructor may not be able to spend more than an hour with you.

Online Tutors

If none of the above options sound feasible for you, there is always online tutoring. Online tutoring centers provide individualized and focused homework assistance for a fee, and can provide help via a chat system, video, or even over the phone. These services operate at all hours of the day, making them particularly useful if you have a busy schedule and cannot attend a tutoring center during business hours.