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Democratization In Developing Countries In Middle East

For centuries the Middle East has been the home of conflicts of a religious or territorial nature. Often wars were fought due to a difficult to separate mixture of the two. At times individual nations have managed to carve some measure of peace for themselves out of the conflicts they were involved in but even this has been known to be fleeting or marred by violence against civilians for minor infractions against inhumane laws. There have been efforts by Western countries to intervene but these have often done more harm than good for the following reasons:

Cultural Clashes

Western societies and Middle Eastern ones have very different cultures. Whereas the former is often ruled by an assumed secularism with Judeo-Christian undertones, the latter is often characterized by one of many forms of Islam with its own regional spin. When Western soldiers invade Eastern countries, they often misunderstand local customs and find themselves offending the people they claim to be helping.

Ulterior Motives

Many Middle Eastern countries have oil and this is one of the most precious commodities in our world today. It has been noted that the motivation to enter a country will often coincide more with financial desires than humanitarian ones. This leads to the preservation of petroleum production and extraction facilities at the expense of the lives of people who have done nothing wrong. Some cases have even been recorded where peaceful leaders who might have led their countries to gradual modernization were assassinated to make room for puppet leaders.

Unintended consequences

When external forces view a conflict they often do so with the intention of locating the good side and the bad side so that they can help one and eliminate the other. Unfortunately, it can be very easy to get the two confused. This has led to militias being armed and given the training that they need to finally oppress their countrymen. The replacement of good leaders with puppets has also caused severe backlashes such that countries have lost several decades of progress in the chaos that ensued. The consequences are rarely immediately seen.

There are cases where people can honestly claim that their lives have been saved by foreign intervention but even better tools currently exist. Through social media people in the Middle East who are fed up of being oppressed have organized protest action and made a difference. Slowly they are able to affect the changes they need to see.