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Gender Equality In Islam

A fight for gender equality is a war that is not going to end soon. A lot though has been done and major and bold steps to make genders be treated equally taken. Some success has been realized but the struggle is still on. Different cultures and religions have got different beliefs and thus despite the global goal and effort to enhance gender equality, major setbacks are there and can only be addressed by being very patient. It is a long struggle but it bears some fruits and we are not where we were some years back on the issues of equality.

Different religions and culture have got different issues when it comes to equality. In some culture women ca not take certain jobs. It is not an easy thing to get with especially for the women who are visionaries and want to realize their goals. Some end up being defiant to their own culture and it is a great price they pay just to get where they want. Such women are seen and termed as outcasts. These women may never get married just due to the fact that they went for things that are good but not allowed by their culture. Example is that a woman cannot be a judge in any of an Islamic State. There is a common trend of misinterpreting the rights of women more than the case is with other religions.

Numerous clerics and Muslim leaders believe that appointing female judges would be commensurate to going disregarding teachings from the Quran. An Islamic woman can hear out a civil case but she does not have a right to give verdict. It is worse as they are not allowed to participate in courts that handle criminal cases in any way. Muslim women starting in the 1979 were forced to wear hijab and that then they would be treated equally with men. These promises were later taken back. Though women are given tremendous roles in the Islamic religion, they are only given supportive roles and no leadership positions in the government institutions. People hide behind the religion and cultures to put women in the back stage. Men are left to take key positions and women have the lesser posts in the society. It should however be revised and let women decide on what to do. Women should be allowed to be financially independent and take on any role in the society so long as she can handle it.