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Gay Marriage – Research Essay Prompt

There is absolutely no part of history which determines whether gay marriage should be allowed or not. There is totally no official, rational, or principal reason that gay couples cannot marry and it's very undemocratic in all ways to tell. Gay marriage should be authorized for a some reasons, a few being, it does not make any difference if two men or two women want to get married, not allowing them to wed makes them feel inferior and also violates human rights. No one likes feeling low-grade, or like they a less standards, by making gay marriage prohibited you make couples who are involved with the same sex feel lesser to others. Homosexuality is not a cognizant choice; it's something in- born. Just as you did not choose who you love, neither did they. So it is unfair to make gay marriage seem awkward when it is no dissimilar.

Human rights are an issue people have tried hard to uphold over the years, banning slave trade and enforcing women rights. Homosexual groups are not supposed to be different. They need to have their human rights respected, just like women are allowed to vote, they should be permitted to get marry. Majority of the populace against gay marriage definitely believe the bible urges that it is unholy for people of the same sex to wed. These people think the words of the bible are equivalent to law; however,there is an amendment which protects gays from that situation. Not legalizing same sex marriages is like assuming that all people have similar preferences and tastes. It makes no sense at all. Laws have been altered for all minorities and genders with equal rights.

In conclusion gay couples are like other couples and ought to be treated as such. They should be allowed the advantages of marriage, equal treatment, not as if they are a minority, and gay couples should also be permitted their civil liberties. Soon in the future this status will be achieved and gays will be treated just as other human beings.