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Interesting College Essay Prompts

Writing a college essay can put a lot of pressure on students who are dedicated to a University. The prompt is your opportunity to tell others about your hard work and elaborate on why you desire a higher education. Although this may put a lot of pressure on you, it's important that you use this writing to discuss your personal hardships freely. While there are various prompts to choose from it's always effective to use one that stands out amongst hundreds or thousands of others. Even if you have a lot to show for your accomplishments it is far more effective to tell admission readers who you are and what has made you into the person you present yourself as today.

If you want your college essay prompt to stand out it's important that you think about your life and who you are, critically. Consider where you started, what has changed you and why you may have learned from any failures or internal challenges.

Internal vs. External

There are many people who make the mistake of addressing themselves as a hero within their college essay prompt. This attempt is overused and it can appear fluffed up at times. While there are plenty of opportunities for you to list your extrovert and external accomplishments within your application – it's important that you use the essay to discuss the introvert side of you. Is there anything that has happened throughout your life that has changed your character, morals and ethics? Although an external accomplishment is impressive within an application, it doesn't always elaborate on who you are as an individual. Colleges do look for someone who has faced a challenge and gained from it in order to grow and flourish as a person. The most interesting prompts are the ones that are honest, reflective and written truthfully.

Personal Transformations

Were there any times within your life that you questioned your own beliefs or where you came from? The admissions counselors who read the essays are interested in students who aren't afraid to think in a critical manner. An education means being able to support an idea from more than one angle. The ability to think critically and use more than one perception is admired within an applicant because it implies that you're open minded, adaptive and accepting of external conflicts that occur. Your essay prompt can be memorable if you discuss the questions you may have toward cultural structures. You can make your piece stand out from other students by talking about internal and personal transformations that have made you into a person who is capable of changing into someone who grew from internal challenges.