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Writing an essay in English: 7 grammar tips

Essay writing requires a skill. It is always a process of writing that can be written in well manner only with practice and interest. To write an impressive essay you need to be motivated for writing your essay and you also need to practice daily the process of essay writing is a task that needs proper understanding of topic. There are many types of essay; it depends on your topic that you need to write what type of essay. Essay writing is the activity from which nobody can escape ever. If you are a student, you will always need to write an essay. Essay writing starts in low level grades and it continuous throughout the life. Even after the completion of your formal education period you need to write essays like personal essays, argumentative essay, persuasive essay or any essay for your little ones.

In order to avoid the mistakes committed in essay every time, you should learn to write essay in its true essence. When you are required to write an essay in English language you must take special care of its proper usage. One thing that examiners or readers never bear in English essay is grammatical mistakes or improper usage of language. You do not need to take too much pain or tension for this; you just need to follow the certain things mentioned below in order to make your essay grammatically correct.

Following tips will help you write an English essay grammatical mistake proof:

  • Do not get panic about the proper usage of English language in your first draft. You just keep writing it the way it comes in your mind.
  • After writing the first draft of your essay, you may open an English grammar guide and keep it in front of you.
  • Then you start rereading your first draft of essay and underline the sentences that contain complex use of verbs, adverbs or adjectives.
  • Match your sentences with the grammar guide and check for their accuracy.
  • The sentences you find incorrect just under line or highlight them
  • Continue the process for whole of your essay.
  • If you are feeling stressed by seeing red marked or highlighted lines in your essay then stop doing it further then take a break of an hour or so.
  • Restart your mistake correction operation with a fresh mind after taking a refreshing break.
  • Once you are done with pin pointing the grammatical and spelling mistakes then make them correct by using a grammar guide.
  • Send your essay for a check to your elder or expert friend or teacher before writing final draft.