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Tips For Selecting Your Narrative Essay Topic

It’s common to find yourself completely stumped when it comes to choosing the best narrative essay topic to write about. There’s a certain level of focus and determination you have to commit to in order to find a topic that is going to inspire passion, excitement, and still be easy to draft an entire story around. If the topic comes to you immediately, you may vary well have superhuman powers. If it doesn’t, don’t fret, we can’t all be Clark Kent. Here are a couple tips to help you pick the perfect topic:

Step 1: Passion

What gets your blood boiling? What causes you to tap into your most creative state? Think of as many topics as possible that stir up a deep sense of passion within you. Try not to focus on one particular category or concentration. Allow your mind to explore as much as possible without censoring thoughts. Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to move onto the next step.

Step 2: Excitement

Once you’ve come up with what you feel is a strong list of topics, go through each one and think of the first direction you’d go with your story. Don’t get caught up in mapping out every detail of the story for each topic you’ve listed, as you don’t want to waste an entire night when you’ll be scrapping all but one idea anyway. If after you’ve thought of the first direction, are you excited with where the story go potentially go? If not, cross the topic off your list and move to the next. Once you’ve narrowed your list, move onto the next step.

Step 3: Is There Enough To Create A Story?

Go through the remaining topics one-by-one again and establish if there’s enough of a story within the topic to create a strong narrative essay. You can jot down quick notes about the topics, as you go. But eventually, you’ll notice that only a small handful or maybe even one singular topic inspires enough out of you to create a descriptive and captivating narrative essay. The more time you spend in step 3, the more you’ll be drawn to one particular topic because naturally you will start to form the outline or skeleton to your story. This is the one to write about!