Essay and research paper topics & ideas

Finding a Suitable Good Topic for your Essays


The most difficult task of essay writing is actually getting started. It is proven that essay writing can enhance a writer’s skills. If you are not assigned a topic for your essay and are allowed to choose your own topic this can, in a sense, create even more of a challenge and be more intimidating than if you were given an assigned topic. You may find that you are remarkably indecisive about the topic you should write and spend endless hours simply researching topics of interest. You should take proper time to research and should you find a topic that initially appeals to you it has been determined that it is best to choose the topic that first appeals to you rather than spend endless more hours trying to decide. You may need to examine your everyday surroundings for ideas or even reach out to a family member or friend for some insight. It is pretty common that if you are free to choose any topic at all to write an essay on that your written essay is apt to be more convincing and powerful, and your ability to hold the attention of your reader more realistic since you were allowed to choose a specific topic that you relate to or have an extreme interest in.

Determine your Purpose

To begin you must determine the purpose for which you are writing the essay. Are you supposed to convince your readers to believe what you are saying or believe in your opinion? Are you supposed to explain to your readers how to perform a specific task or are you supposed to be educating your readers on a specific topic? Your topic needs to relate to the purpose.

Subject Matter

Once you have determined the purpose of your essay, you can take time to make a list of the subjects that come to mind and interest you. Once a purpose is determined the numbers of subjects that relate to the purpose are endless. Once topics are selected then you want to take some time to evaluate each one in conjunction with the essay you are expected to write. Once you have determined that a topic satisfies the requirements of the essay you must write, whether it be a general overview or a specific analysis, then you are set to begin your writing.