Essay and research paper topics & ideas

Academic essay writing: doing a research

As you move through your academic career, academic essays will become more complex. Even if you are writing an academic essay in the early years of high school, you will be required to conduct research on your topic. In some cases, the research work is formal research on the Internet and in the library. In other cases, you might need to research lines in a Shakespeare play to find deeper meaning. In a history class, you might need to read first hand accounts of a particular event in a war. In a science class, you might have to conduct an experiment as your research before writing an essay.

Follow Instructions for the Best Research Essays

When you are conducting research, it is important to pay attention to your professor’s instructions. Each teacher or professor will give very specific instructions on what needs to be included in the research portion of the essay. If you are a freshman or sophomore in high school, you will not need to find as many sources as the college junior or senior might need to find.

Evaluate Your Sources Before You Commit to Them

While you are looking for research, it is always important to evaluate the sources you are investigating to be sure they are legitimate. Good sources will have professional writers, good editing, and research supporting their ideas. It should be rather easy to tell if a website is reliable simply by looking at the About Me page or by looking at the quality of the website itself. If you are in doubt of the website’s worth, step away and find a better one.

Create a Plan to Manage How Much Research Your Do

Students often dread conducting any type of research - at first. Once they begin the process, many students find that researching is actually rather rewardings, especially because of how much new information you can learn when you dig deeply into a topic of interest. In order to make your research worth your time, you should begin your research with a plan of attack. It is so easy to find research on any given topic that the hunt becomes overwhelming. It is good to be dedicated to learning, but you cannot spend too much time looking for information, especially after you have found it. Be wise and stick to your plan, so that you do not waste your time.