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8 Helpful Academic Paper Writing Prompts

Writing an academic paper is not as easy as most people think. Such a paper should be approached with a lot of caution as it counts in your coursework. A poorly written academic paper can easily cost a student a lot of marks on the subject. It is therefore imperative that the student follows the following 8 very important prompts.

  • Introduction and Thesis Statement
  • The introduction is the segment of the essay that talks about the topic in general and introduces it to the reader. A good introduction should be followed by a detailed thesis which compile the areas to be studied put in question form. The problem will then be solved by the paper depending on the type of academic paper it is. The thesis is what exactly the essay is going to prove. It can be derived from a literary statement and the essay can go ahead to explain, approve or disapprove the statement.

  • Outline the work
  • The work should be outlined well before the thoughts are put in the main draft. The main points can be put on a separate paper. An organised flow of thought is bound to make a very good essay. Writing without a work outline is like flying blind.

  • Draft the essay
  • Most writers find drafting an essay to be a little tedious. It is important to have a rough copy of the work so that while making the main copy, the missing points or remarks can be added. This way, it is hard to miss even the various errors that may have been included. A draft may contain relevant and irrelevant information but eventually the information that is not needed can be removed.

  • Put thoughts into paragraphs
  • The thoughts previously outlined should be paragraphed so that every paragraph carries a new thought. The essay is always readable is this is considered.

  • Proper Content Procedure
  • The paragraphs should have a good content procedure. The writer should start by the claims then proceed to provide the evidence supporting the claim. Lastly, the impact of the claims afore mentioned should be touched on to stress the points.

  • Ensure smooth flow of ideas
  • The flow of the content within the paragraphs should be accompanied by a flow of the paragraphs themselves. From the introduction to the conclusion, there should be a proper flow of thoughts.

  • Conclude
  • The paper should be concluded in a way that sums up and backs up the thesis statement and the content supporting it.

  • Reference and Citation
  • A good academic paper should be well researched and these references properly attributed to their writers to avoid the work getting flagged for plagiarism.