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Interesting Reflective Essay Topics

The reflective essay is a form of essay for your personal opinion and thoughts about a topic. Most people would think that an essay based off your own beliefs would be a lot easier than one that has to be based around objective research, but often it can be just as difficult, or even harder, to discern where you’d like to stand on a particular issue.

This article is going to explore a few ways you can find a solid, interesting topic for a reflective essay. A good topic needs to have a little (or a lot) of controversy; to spark a debate. It’s also a good sign if, after some initial research, you decide that you could argue either side of your topic with plenty of source material to back up your opinion, if you needed it.

Example Topics for a Reflective Essay

Here are a few good ideas to start you out, and some notes on how you might talk about each point in depth:

1. Tips for a First Date

No matter how old you are, first dates can be intimidating, especially if you’ve been out of the dating loop for a while. Are first dates too awkward to be worth it or do you think there just needs to be some ice breaking to become comfortable around the other person?

2. How You Feel about Graduation

What will it be like being done with school? For most people who’ve been in school every year they can remember, except summers, it’s hard to imagine. How do you feel about the transition between high school and a job or college and a job? Should schools be doing more to prepare students for their futures in the workplace?

3. How to Deal with Stress

A very popular question and the one perfect answer sought after by so many. But there isn’t a one size fits all answer to a question like this. Why do some people turn to destructive habits like alcoholism or crime while others turn to knitting or volunteer work?

The key to a great topic is how you personally feel about it. This is a reflection essay, after all; it’s got to get personal. Your opinion is the only one that matters, and doing your homework to find out what your opinion is on a topic is critical. You can’t choose a side when you don’t know enough about both of them.