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Research Paper Example on George Chapman Biography

George Chapman was born in c. 1559 in Hertfordshire’s town named as Hitchin. He was the son of proud parents Thomas Chapman and Joan Nodes. Since childhood George was an exceptional kid who would show extraordinary traits and skills that very few people possess. Crossing the years, he started proving himself throughout the world by becoming the finest and famous English dramatist, poet, translator, and playwright. His work shaped the literature of the age and became best part of a century that appealed wide range of people and readers.

George Chapman is well known as distinctive because his work was always organized and well-constructed with strong gestures, events, poems, and characters. He was a person with depth of skills and talent that helped him to surpass his predecessors in all his works. His poems include the classical and contemporary touches that were developed in much warmer and sophisticated ways.

George Chapman started to make his unique place among the world’s great poets and translators by publishing poem ‘’The Shadow of Night” in the year 1594 followed by Ovid’s Banquet of sense in the year 1595. The shadow of night became not for an age but for all time in which George threw the fascinating light on the concerns of finding true knowledge and learning in the world. Due to his influence upon Stoicism and remarkable achievements specifically as poet and translator of Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, he also came up in the line of best poet Shakespeare and became his Rival poet according to William Minto.

Chapman personal life was just full of sorrows and difficulties. Throughout his life, he was all around debts and poverty. Even while near to death, his unavoidable poverty did not leave him alone. Throughout his personal life, he encountered various troubles but his abilities and passion towards poetry and translation continued to mark him as one of the best poets and dramatists.

The best thing about George’s work was that the subjects he would chose for his plays including comedies and tragedies were very effective. He focused upon the French and Greek history. George Chapman takes the credit of publishing and working on huge number of work that had brilliant construction of efforts and based upon powerful and surprising climaxes. Chapman’s difficult and challenging life ended on May 12, 1634. He died but his work is still living in the hearts of people who admire art and literature and understand their magic.