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Where To Get A Free Example Of A Good Essay

Sample essays are not as easy to find as they used to be. In previous years, sample essays were readily accessible all over the Internet. Now that classroom instructors are able to use plagiarism-checking software to find the essays that students would turn in as their own, the free essays are becoming extinct. This means that students who want a free essay to use as a template or example do not have much to choose. Even though it is difficult to find good essays for free, they do still exist. You just need to know where to look.

  • Online Collegiate Writing Labs
  • One of the best places to find free essays that are good examples is any college online writing lab. These labs usually include instructional videos, grammar explanations, and sample papers for students. The sample papers are often written in APA or MLA style so students can see what a researched essay should look like. The sample papers on online writing labs are usually annotated so students know the jobs of the different sentences, paragraphs, citations, and transitions. Because these are so readily available, you should never use any part of the example essay in your paper.

  • Essay Writing Online Companies
  • You can also find free examples of essays at essay writing websites. Many essay writing websites have blog posts that might contain essay samples and some websites will also have free essays that their customers can use when they are in dire need of a piece of writing. Since these are readily available for anyone to use, they are certain to appear on plagiarism-checking apps. The essays are often written by professionals, so they do serve as strong examples. In order to avoid copying any part of the essay, it can be helpful to choose an essay that is written about a different topic that your own. This way, you can emulate the style of the essay, but not the substance.

  • Essay Competition Websites
  • Another helpful place to find free essays is from websites that sponsor writing competitions. These sites often post the winning essay, so you get to see the best of the best. You might be able to learn about creative essays and how to add those special touches to your own work. Again, never copy any essays that are available for free online because you could get in serious academic trouble with a charge of plagiarism.