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What characterizes the political systems of southern Europe (Greece, Portugal, Italy and Spain)?

The political system is the backbone of a country. Literally it supports the democracy. Depending upon the political system, the economy, health, education and other important aspects of a country keep flourishing. The political system is directly influenced and characterized by the media as it mainly depends upon the public supports and responses as well. The highly efficient media of southern Europe cover the political ups and downs of Greece, Portugal, Italy and Spain. The remarkable roles played by the media of these zones successively differentiate these areas from the rest of the part of Europe or the other countries. Media continuously brings the scenario in front of the public and let them judge and decide the right Government to create a balanced society where people have no fear of losing their jobs from the next morning, where they would not have to face spendthrift condition and many more.

Political system should be fair and without scam. If the relationship between the politicians and the country people are good, no depressions can stop the prosperity of the country. Here the political system of Southern Europe makes the final differentiation with the other countries’ ruling systems.

The economic balance of the industries would speak the political condition of that country. For example millions of people in Greece, Portugal and Spain have lost their jobs due to recession whereas in Germany the scenario is very different. In Germany, due to plenty of industries, job opportunities are exceedingly high and people don’t need to face the unexpected exaggeration of life. It happens just because of the balanced political system.

Political cultures itself enhance or demoralize the political system of Southern Europe. If the political culture is sufficiently not refurbished, then the utter development of the country would not be possible. With the strong journalism the real scenarios of the political cultures come out of the restricted circles and instigate the majority people of the country. Political attitudes can ruin or build up the system, sometimes which is hard to see in the political structures of the Southern Europe. No exogenous sources can enhance the system. Potentiality is hidden among the inner being of the people who are in the ruling position. The people elect the leaders with lots of hopes for having a new starting when they can live happily and speak loudly without any fear of loss.