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Most Popular Psychology Essay Topics

If you're a psychology student you will write plenty of essays and research papers so it is a good idea to always be on the lookout for new psychology essay topics. You can get inspiration from the discussions you have in class, the textbooks you read, conversations with classmates, or your own observations of people and events in your own life. Avoid broad psychology topics that have been overly researched by scholars because it bores the readers. You should choose a psychology topic that is relevant yet with a different angle to it. Some good sources of data for psychology essays include psychology journals, seminars you attend, health articles and case studies.

Link Between Stress and Cardiovascular Health

This is a topic that people discuss in psychological circles but you can build on the current research by writing on a different subtopic within the larger issue. For example, you can write the essay on the stress that high school football players have regarding their academic responsibilities, their desire to play football well and other emotional problems they may have and how it affects their heart health. Or you can write about the effects of stress on the cardiovascular health of educators such as teachers and principals.

How Psychology Affects Violent Criminals

Another idea is to write an essay on how psychology shapes the attitudes and behaviors of violent criminals. You can discuss the debate over whether a violent criminal behaves this way is because it is in his nature or if it is because of his family background or neighborhood he grew up in. Another thing you can discuss is the different motives violent criminals have for committing certain crimes. Finally, you should discuss the role that mental illness plays in violent crimes.

The Role of Self Esteem in Career Choices of Special Education Students

Another good psychology topic is the role that self esteem plays in the career choices of special education students in high school. Special education students are often misunderstood by school administrators and they face bullying from their peers as well as occasional misunderstanding and unrealistic expectations of their parents. Discuss the challenges that special education students face as they end their high school years and discuss the lack of proper resources in the school system that can prepare them for the workforce. In conclusion, there are diverse psychology topics to write on if you look in different places.