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Tricks For Students: Research Paper Conclusion Paragraph Writing

Some students see the concluding paragraph of their research paper as the hardest part to complete because they have said everything that they want to say in the body of their research paper.  They don’t know what to say and are often frustrated or rush their conclusion.  But if you know all of the elements of a good conclusion then writing on will be easier.

Writing A Concluding Paragraph

  • The conclusion of your research paper is the last chance that you will get to remind the reader of how your research paper supports your thesis. It ties everything together and gives the audience a sense of that you gave them a valid argument.
  • You want to reaffirm the thesis of your research paper.  I know that you have already done this in your introduction but you do want to restate it in your conclusion.  This reminds the reader of why you wrote this paper.  Rephrase your thesis; you don’t want it to be the same as your introduction.
  • Look at all of the research that you put in the body of your research paper, not take that information and show the reader how all of that information supports the thesis.  You don’t want to introduce new information here but to use the information that you already gathered to support your thesis.
  • You want to end your research paper with a memorable note.  You want them to be thinking about your topic long after they have put down your research paper.  You can do this by showing them how the topic influences their lives.  Find a question that will have them thinking after they are done or find a quote that sums up your topic.  All of these will get your reader thinking about your topic.

Your conclusion for your research paper has to be just as strong as your introduction.  The conclusion, while hard to write sometimes, is very important to your research paper.  If you follow all of these suggestions for writing your research paper conclusion, you will have no problem writing yours.  You also want to think about your introduction and conclusion as you are doing your research.  Thinking about them early will help you write them later and you can find information for both when you are doing your research.  Don’t stress out over writing your conclusion, just set down and write it.  It also helps if you write the introduction and conclusion last because then your will have a better understanding of what you should put in them.