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How to start the essay writing process

Essay writing is a very important part of literature. It helps the students learn and improve their knowledge. It also contributes in improving the written communication of the students. Students usually consider it a boring task and don’t understand its importance. They try to avoid writing lengthy essay and even if they do they write them in a hurried way. There are a few students who actually understand the essay writing process and follow it for writing their college essays.

The Essay Writing Process

First of all it is important to understand that writing is not a linear process where you have to move from one step to another in an orderly manner and once one step is done you cannot go back on it. It is a process where the writer has to organize his thoughts and pen down his ideas. The writers usually divide the process into three parts.

  1. Prewriting
  2. Writing
  3. And revising

Stage 1: Prewriting

The first step that comes before writing is pre-writing. It consists of:

  • Conducting research
  • Creating ideas and brainstorming
  • Making a clear purpose for the essay
  • Targeting the audience
  • Arranging the ideas

The writer in this stage takes notes and writes sentences. They are a rough sketch so they don’t need to be arranged but the stage consists of a lot of writing. This is where the writer forms a base of his work

Stage 2: Writing

After pre-writing you can move to the second step that is writing. It consists of:

  • Following the outline and elaborating it
  • Writing body paragraphs
  • Writing the introduction and conclusion of the essay

This stage includes selecting and filtering out ideas from the pre-writing stage. There are many ideas that are not needed in the final essay so they are deleted and the writer only keeps those ideas that are relevant. During the writing stage the order of the ideas is also decided. The writer finalizes that what ideas are more convincing and where should they be placed. The order of the essay is decided in this phase. The introduction and conclusion content is also generated in this stage.

Stage 3: Revising

After you have completed the first two stages you then move to the third stage that is revising. It consists of:

  • Reading the essay from the audience point of view
  • Rewriting and editing sentences that need revision.
  • Breaking long and confusing sentences into smaller chunks and restructuring them
  • Making sure that each paragraph is unique and there is no repetition.