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Cause And Effect Essay Topics

At the collegiate level, you will be expected to write a wide variety of persuasive essays. In most cases, you will not be told what type of persuasive essay. Your instructors will simply assign the essay and you will need to write it in the style that best fits. Cause and effect essays are a popular choice, especially when you have to show how different concepts are related to each other.

  • Why Write a Cause and Effect Essay
  • When you are assigned an essay that will show relationships between concepts, people, or events, the cause and effect essay is the best choice. Cause and effect essays are not limited to history or literature courses. This essay style can be used in nearly every course of study. You could write about how scientific discoveries affected groups of people or how math formulas affect the way business is conducted. There are limitless possibilities for cause and effect essay topics at the collegiate level.

  • Guidelines and Topics
  • In most cases, your professor will give you some guidelines for the essay. However, many professors give their students opportunities to choose what they will write about with very little explanation. For example, students in a Shakespeare class might be told to write a response to one of the plays. In most cases, response papers are persuasive and those students could write cause and effect essays. If they choose to write about Romeo and Juliet, they could discuss the causes that led to the deaths of the characters.

    When you write a cause and effect essay, it is important to choose interesting topics. These are a few topics that could be used for different curricular areas:

    • Effects of technology use on reading ability
    • Effects of social media on classroom environment
    • Causes of obesity in elementary-age children
    • Causes of gender expectations in math and science classes
    • Effects of concussion laws on youth sports
    • Effects of increased gas prices on family road trips
    • Effects of poverty on standardized test scores

  • Craft the Outline
  • After you have chosen from the wide variety of cause and effect essay topics, it is time to begin the real work. Many students start by crafting an outline or finding a graphic organizer that will help them prepare for the essay. You will want to show as many causes and effects as are possible so you can truly prove your argument, which will be based on the relationship between the two subjects. Your outline should begin with the introduction and your rough plan for the hook and the claim. The body of the introduction should be broken down into rough paragraphs so you can decide where you will place your support for your cause and effect argument.

  • Write the Introduction
  • Once you have the rough outline completed, you can begin to craft the essay. Using the outline as the guide, you begin telling the story of the problem in your hook. Many successful cause and effect essays begin with an anecdote. Once you have completed the anecdote, the next step is a bridge between the anecdote and the claim. End the introduction with the claim.

  • Body Paragraph Guidelines
  • Most professors will assign a word count, which will determine the number of paragraphs or the size the paragraphs you will write. Each one should break down the causes and effects that you are arguing. The topics sentences of each paragraph should directly connect to the claim you present in the introduction. The supporting sentences should include facts and explanations that defend each topic sentence. Your conclusion should always reconnect to the hook you used in the introduction and restate the claim.