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10 Good Ideas For Computer Science Term Paper Topics

Choosing a topic that is appropriate for the length of essay that needs to be written

If you need to write a term paper based on a topic related to computer science then it is important that you choose an area of the subject that is detailed enough to enable you to write a comprehensive essay. Should you choose a topic that relates to computing but doesn’t have much information surrounding then you may find it hard to complete the essay to a high standard.

By choosing an appropriate topic that will be sufficient enough to provide enough content in order to write the essay, it will make the writing process a great deal easier. Rather than struggling to think of extra things to say so as to meet the required word count, if you pick something adequate enough in the first place then you will simply be able to write the work as needed.

Comparing the future of computing with past advances

One area that you could look at is how computing has evolved in the past and what you think the future will hold for it. You don’t necessarily need to try to predict the future; instead, you could give examples of current technology compared to computing hardware or programs from previous generations. In fact, with the rapid changes that occur with competing technology, you don’t need to look too far back to see drastic differences in the quality of machines and programs that are available today compared to just a few short years ago.

Some term paper topic ideas for students who are studying computer science

  1. Artificial intelligence: could the human race be in danger if robots take over?
  2. Multilanguage programming and how it has advanced over the years
  3. The future of broadband and high speed internet connections
  4. An outline of internet protocols
  5. How wireless internet capabilities have changed the world
  6. The future of voice recognition software
  7. A history of the internet
  8. Instant messaging vs email
  9. How the internet of things will impact upon daily life
  10. Wi-Fi vs 3G

Writing in a way that a layman can understand

One final thing to point out is that it is a good idea to try and write in such a way that the reader will find it easy to understand. A good tip for achieving this is to pretend that they know absolutely nothing about computers and, therefore, you have to explain things sufficiently to get your point across.