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The 10 Best Research Paper Topic Ideas For High School Students

Research in high school is more limited in scope than what is accomplished at most universities. There will be exceptions to this of course. Some private high schools have sprawling campuses and budgets to match while some colleges occupy a single building and struggle to remain open day to day. Still, assuming that your high school isn’t one of the outliers, it helps to treat your research process as something that will require careful attention to the following:


If you want to research the effects of diamonds on pet behaviour, you may find yourself encountering budgetary constraints. Reel in your project a bit if you find your imagination is taking you down a road you can’t afford to travel.


A longitudinal study that follows the lives of babies with three parents from birth to old age is ambitious and could even be revolutionary but it’s safe to say that such a thing cannot be completed while you remain in high school. Pick something that has a clear and accessible end date.


As an adult, there are many topics you can approach and worry very little about repercussions. In your teens, you will need to consider if your research will embarrass the entire school, your parents or anyone else associated with you. It may not be fair and it may even stymie your creativity but at present that’s how the world works.

The following topics provide some good examples of the types you could consider:

  1. How choice of college is influenced by parental alma maters
  2. Have smartphones made people less able to handle face to face interactions?
  3. Does exposure to foreign language films make teens more likely to enjoy learning foreign languages in high school?
  4. Should cheerleading costumes be created with modesty in mind?
  5. Should school lunches not serve peanuts for the sake of children with deadly allergies?
  6. Are younger people more accepting of people of different ethnicities than their parents?
  7. Could school lunches be made healthier without sacrificing taste by using the cooking styles of other cultures?
  8. How do teens who have played musical instruments since childhood fare against their peers academically?
  9. Are dancers more disciplined than other students outside of the studio?
  10. Is abstinence only education resulting in a misunderstanding of the human reproductive system?

Choose well.