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How to check a purchased term paper

If you have made the decision to purchase a term paper online, or found someone you know to write it for you, you will want to make sure that you check it carefully before you submit it to your professor. There are three main elements that you need to check for, and that includes plagiarism, structure and basic editing.

Run It Through

There are a number of different sites on the Internet, such as Copyscape, that you can run your paper through to make sure that it was not just pulled from another source on the Web. There are some companies out there who may be looking just to earn a quick buck, and would be willing to scam you by just pulling some works together that have been written by others on a similar topic, copy, paste, and call it your paper. You don’t want to take this risk, so be sure to run it through some kind of plagiarism check to protect yourself.

Make Sure It Makes Sense

Look carefully at the guidelines that you professor has given you, and make sure that your paper meets all of the criteria. Read through your paper and see if you can pull a sensible outline out of it. Double check to ensure that your topic sentences align with your thesis and that there is enough evidence to back it up. Also, make sure that it is in the right citation style, and that the proper font, size, and margins are being used.

Edit Thoroughly

One way to edit a paper is to read it backwards, sentence by sentence. This will help you avoid just breezing through your paper, which tends to allow you to overlook common spelling and punctuation errors. Some term paper writers are from other countries, and so the dialect or the style of phrasing certain things may be different from your native language. Also, be sure to edit simple things such as capitalization and basic grammar.

Sometimes, you never know what you are going to get when you have someone else write your term paper. Be sure and double check for major issues such as the paper making sense to the reader, and that it satisfies recommendations such as word count. Plagiarism is illegal, and so you want to make sure that your paper was actually written, and not just copied. If you were willing to take the easy way out and buy a term paper online, the least you can do is run through it thoroughly to make sure it is of good enough quality to call your own.