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Directions For Getting A Proper Example Of A Term Paper Conclusion

Congratulations, you have completed your research, put together an attention grabbing introduction, compiled your data in a readable and interesting format and now it is time to summarize the entire project but what do you do? When you put all of your effort into composing a top quality term paper it can be tempting to just end it when you have included all of the necessary information, but that will just leave your readers with an empty unfinished feeling. Here are tips to summarizing your work and getting a proper term paper conclusion.

What makes a good conclusion?

A good conclusion has all the components of a good term paper but on a much smaller scale. It should contain these three elements below all in one tightly written paragraph that concludes your work and revisits the most important topics. A good conclusion will include the following items:

  • Introductory phrase
  • Revisit top points from the paper
  • Closing statement

The conclusion should be short, sweet, and concise; there is no need to rewrite your paper in the last paragraph. If you find your conclusion is becoming long-winded then this may indicate that you did not completely develop an idea within the term paper and need to rewrite one section rather than trying to expand on the topic in the conclusion. Return to the body of the paper and rewrite the appropriate section rather than trying to include it in the conclusion.

Examples of closing paragraphs

There are places that writers can look for an example of a good closing paragraph. First and foremost, consider looking with the course materials for examples of what to include in a closing paragraph. When you are writing a term paper most instructors will provide detailed information on the formatting they require. Second, a quick search on the internet will reveal a multitude of term paper conclusion examples. Online writing resources are available to help everyone compose the best possible closing paragraph that you can as well.

In conclusion, writing a proper closing paragraph will include an introductory sentence, revisit each of the primary points from within the body of the paper and summarize the entire paper and your key message in one sentence. When you need examples you can look within your school’s department for templates and formatting help or try a quick internet search where you will find numerous examples on writing a proper term paper conclusion.