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An essay from scratch: some helpful advice

You are assigned a writing assignment. You must create an essay on a particular topic of your own choosing. There is a blank page in front of you and you are stuck.

First steps

The very first thing you need to do is decide on a topic or subject matter. When making this decision you must consider your audience, who you are writing this essay for and why. Is it to be a persuasive essay, arguing a particular point of view? If so, you need to pick a subject which is controversial. The subject matter should have both pros and cons which leads to a hood debate. Is this an informative essay? If so, you need decide what particular facts you will be emphasizing in your discussion and writing.

No matter which type of essay writing you are doing, research and preparation are crucial. After deciding what your topic will be, and the point of view you will be taking, gathering all of the facts and evidence for your essay is vital. You must exhaust all possible tools of research, whether it is books, articles, or online research. You must compile your resources and validate the source material to make sure the information you will be using is legitimate.


After careful consideration of the information you have gathered, you must start an outline. You must make decisions as to what information, fats and evidence will be included in your writing. You must decide on a theme for your essay. You can chart out an introduction, body, and conclusion. In the introduction you must come up with something that will grab the attention of your reader, make them want to continue reading your work. In the body you must outline the salient points of your argument or the substantive points of your discussion. You must integrate solid facts and evidence to support your discussion and point of view. In the conclusion you must reiterate the attention grabbing statement and state your conclusions in a succinct and concise manner. Now, you can start writing your first draft.

Edit and proofread

After completing your first draft, make sure you edit the work. You must look for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. In addition, it is vital that you critically examine the tone and flow of your essay. You must make sure that all of the arguments and conclusions you deemed necessary are contained in the text. You must make sure the essay flows from introduction through arguments to tie conclusion. As necessary make all relevant change doing this as often as necessary until you are satisfied.