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Creating an interesting term paper in 3 weeks

Creating an interesting term paper does not have to be a long drawn out process. The best way to write a well-rounded paper in a short period of time is by creating a writing schedule and sticking to it. Instead of leaving everything until the last minute focus your attention by setting personal deadlines for your self that determine how much you would like to have done by a certain date. To give you an idea, a good timeline for writing a term paper is about 3 weeks. This is because you can stretch the writing process out over several days making the writing a less tasking.

In order to help students complete there papers (and get a better grade) we’ve created a mock schedule for term paper writing that shows how you can get it finished within this short time period.

Week #1 Planning and Outlining

Shortly after you receive your term paper assignment you will want to begin the planning and outlining process.

  • Start by making a list of potential topics and thesis statements, pick one that you are interested in
  • If the topic has be “pre-assigned” by your instructor begin the planning and outlining process by doing a bit of preliminary research
  • During the preliminary research process determine whether or not there is enough available evidence to support your thesis
  • Write up an outline and begin laying out your paper

By the end of the first week you should be ready to start researching your topic of choice in depth

Week #2 Researching and Drafting

This week, you will want to focus on researching and drafting the first copy of your term paper.

  • Using the outline that you have composed fill in the blanks with full sentences as you conduct your research. (This will save you time later)
  • Also write down all of your sources immediately so that you can complete your sources cited list.
  • Begin drafting your term paper using the full sentences from your original outline.

Once you have completed the research and drafting process most of the HARD work is already done, all you have left to do now is polish your paper up.

Week #3 Polishing and Editing Your Term Paper

Last but not least you are going to want to finish up your term paper by refining your writing, trimming the fat, and writing a fantastic conclusion.

  • Make sure that all of your sentences and paragraphs make sense and flow together nicely.
  • Take out any details or main points that do not add to the composition
  • Be sure to wrap up your paper using a strong conclusion
  • Go back edit and proofread your work. Be sure to look for any spelling and grammar errors.

As you can see, by breaking up the writing process into a three-week period you can more easily write a great term paper. By taking your time, instead of rushing, you save your self wasted energy and stress.