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Academic life advice on how to write a good paper in a college

College life is much different from highschool. Your responsibilities increase manifold. So does the difficulty level of the academic courses. The essays and papers you used to write back in school were least challenging as compared to what you’re expected to write in college. Your expressions and intellectual capabilities are supposed to grow into a whole new level of awesomeness. Your writing should reflect your maturity and unlike school you can’t consult your teachers for every little problem you encounter while writing an essay. If you’ve just entered the college and have been assigned your first paper, you’d want to give in your best and set a good first impression on your English professor. Here’s a brief guide as to how to go about it:

  • You need to think of a really good topic, something that will challenge your inner writer and bring out the best in you. Forget your childhood best friend or your dog which recently passed away. Think of something out of the box. College is all about communicating and nurturing your perspective. Its okay if you want to write you essay on Gay Marriages or some financial risk assessment technique. You don’t have to be funny. You just need to choose something which is still new to your teachers. I’m sure they’ve checked a gazillion papers on street art.

  • Make an outline: Introduction, main category, sub category, conclusion, recommendations, table of contents, acknowledgements, and appendix. Don’t forget to thank your teacher no matter how little his/her contribution and assistance has been through out.

  • Be bold enough to conduct a little primary research of your own. Everyone uses secondary research to support his paper. You need to go one step further to show them you have what it takes to be an outstanding student and an excellent writer.

  • Start writing your essay according to the outline you’ve initially drafted in step 2. Use big, fancy words. It’s okay to consult a thesaurus. Consider your audience to be filled with highly overqualified professors who check tons of mediocre papers every day. You need to impress them.

  • If you’re research is survey based, add some statistical tools and graphs to validate your data collection.

  • Conclude your paper and throw in some necessary recommendations.

  • Proofread your paper, format it as per college’s demand and submit it for review.

  • Sit back and relax. Keep an eye open for feedback from your instructors. This is every important especially in college. Learn from your mistakes and try to improve.